Even barbers have talent


Still trying for another hit

I’m sure everyone has heard of Monty Norman. What, you haven’t!

I’ll put you out of your misery… Monty was a barber from Stamford Hill, London. I can hear you say “who cares?”. Fair enough. But let me continue. One day in 1961, Monty sat down and composed the James Bond theme, which opens all the Bond movies.
OK so now you know about Monty the barber – but what about Sam the barber?

This time I’ll sympathize with you for not knowing Sam. Sam was the barber at the Twentieth Century Fox studio in Hollywood in the 1940s. Sam Silver wrote a synopsis for a musical comedy; he called it Carnival in Costa Rica. He submitted it to the studio’s story department, and to his joy it was accepted to be filmed. At the time, the studio was noted, together with MGM, for making the best Hollywood musicals. A strong cast was lined up for the film, to include their top crooner, Dick Haymes, and dancer, Vera Ellen. It was released in 1947 and became a spectacular flop, the worst musical ever released by the studio. Having seen it, I concur.

As the picture shows, Sam’s still trying.

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