Hollywood rebutts Newton's laws of motion

SupermanIsaac Newton was the English physicist and mathematician 1642-1727 who discovered the law of gravity, and developed the three standard laws of motion still in use today.

Basically, an object in motion continues in motion unless an outside force acts upon it. All objects have inertia, the property of matter that resists change to the object’s motion. The simplest description to describe this phenomenon is – the fairground. All the various rides are built with the law of physics in mind. A good example is the dodgem car; the dictionary describes as ‘small electric car designed to be bumped into others’. Colliding with another car produces a jolt to your body, that’s because your body’s inertia wants it to keep travelling in the direction it was moving with the car, even though your bumper car has now suddenly stopped.

Laughter all round. Now lets change the scene to New York – the heroine is falling from a skyscraper; down swoops Superman, grabs hold of her and floats safely to the ground.

WRONG……the exact moment she’s caught in mid-air, the force of inertia resisting the change to her falling, would break her neck. Tut tut, Hollywood will never learn. Stick to bumper cars, it’s safer.

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