Star wars without the bangs

StarWarsBecause of the vacuum in outer space, sound can’t travel, therefore explosions would be silent. A fact obviously overlooked by George Lucas when making the Star Wars movies.

Then again, if the bangs were left out, cinema audiences would ask for their money back. That goes for all the other movies, where planets, according to Hollywood, spend all their time going to war with each other. The reason is, I suppose, there’s nothing much else to do up there.

How lucky we are down here to have the quietude of places like Frinton-on-sea where the only sounds you’ll hear are waves lapping the shore.

To close this short piece, there was one movie – 2001: A Space Odyssey – where the director, Stanley Kubrick, got it right; there were no bangs outside the spacecraft, the silence only broken by music – The Blue Danube waltz. How ironic that its been acclaimed as the best space movie ever made.

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