Sleep Inducing Meal

DJCatTurn on the radio, tune into Jazz FM, listen to Dinner Jazz, which is aired in the evening.. You leisurely start eating your dinner; first course over, second course coming up. It is set before you, mmmm, very tasty. Then halfway through what you first attacked with relish suddenly becomes a chore. You slow down, very strange, you felt full of beans twenty minutes earlier. You begin to feel a lack of energy, you can’t finish what’s before you. Putting down your knife and fork, you say to yourself (ah, my favourite dessert is coming up – Crème Brulee – I’ll definitely get through that).

And here it comes, oh boy, what a masterpiece, a work of culinary art. You raise your spoon, suddenly the Crème Brulee is not in your mouth, but in your bloody face, which has fallen into it.


No need to call in Sherlock Holmes to deduce why, I’ll tell you why. Throughout the meal you were listening to Dinner Jazz on Jazz FM under the misapprehension you were listening to jazz. But, poor fool , you were conned, it wasn’t jazz, but an endless dirge of music at funereal tempo (even the presenters sounded like they were dropping off) of what Jazz FM think is jazz – funk and soul.

Jazz has been described as ‘one of the lively arts.’ That being the case, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, et al. please come back and wake up Jazz FM.

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