The colour red


In the bullring

The theory that the colour red makes a bull angry and causes him to attack was disproved when tests made several years ago found that bulls are colour blind – as are all cattle. The bull is trained to charge at the swishing of the cape. Whatever the colour, all they see is a dark cloth. The matador begins by moving the cape lightly, becoming more aggressive, provoking the bull into attack.

The colour red is used because it represents more of a spectacle than other colours. These poseurs in fancy dress who enjoy killing innocent animals would be more gainfully employed doing an honest day’s work in an abattoir.

In Hollywood

Look at the picture of the three women. You should recognize the one in the middle as Oprah Winfrey. Keep looking at the picture for a few more seconds, then shift your eyes from side to side. The picture will still be in view, but with a slight difference. Your attention will be diverted to the red dress of the woman to the right of Oprah. Lets say this was a scene from a movie; Oprah is the star and the woman in the red dress had a smaller role. As sure as night follows day, that scene would be cut from the film.

Why? I’ll tell you why. Cos this is Hollywood, folks. No female in a supporting role is allowed to dominate scenes when the star makes an appearance. I kid you not. The colour red in a Technicolor movie dominates the screen, and that woman in the red dress would steal the scene from Oprah. This is an important detail Hollywood film directors have to deal with when casting a movie.

For the colour red to make a similar impression, I couldn’t make a better recommendation than watching the red sun rising over the desert in the movie Laurence of Arabia.

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