Hungry Bear

Bear Eating Bird Seed

Bear Eating Bird Seed

I read in a local newspaper that foxes are increasingly being seen in people’s back gardens. My partner’s mother who lives in Vancouver Canada, opened her kitchen curtains some time ago and lo and behold there was a hungry grizzly robbing the bird seed holder.

Are there times when you think nobody knows you’re alive? Try missing a payment.

I recently heard on BBC 4 extra, a marvellous reading by Michael Jayston of the novel Rogue Mail by Geoffrey Household, about a big game hunter who himself becomes the hunted. The ability to read aloud modulating the tone and pitch of the voice without faltering is a wonderful talent. Unfortunately the recording made for the BBC some time ago is not available on disc, though it is repeated several times a year on the radio…look out for it…

Do you, like me, discard most of the supplements within the week-end newspapers? For instance a copy of The Sunday Times included…5 devoted to fashion…how about an embroidered gypsy-style dress £3,105, or knitted socks made to order £195. Then there’, sport, home, ingear (cars), university guide, appointments, & lastly, Money…that little lot went directly to the recycle bin. Think how many trees could be saved by not pandering to someone with three thousand quid.

I have a set of seven movie books in my collection each one devoted to the films made by the seven major Hollywood studios (MGM- WARNERS – PARAMOUNT – 20th CENTURY FOX – COLUMBIA – RKO -UNITED ARTISTS ) from the silents to the 80s when by this time the studio system was just about gone. Each film has a brief synopsis of cast and crew plus brilliant photos This is just about the best set you could wish for.and headed:

  • Studio Name
  • Story

They still pop up on Amazon and ebay… worth every penny.

I can still remember the time before mobiles when one made a phone call from a red telephone box and upon entering you made sure no one waiting their turn outside would hear your conversation by closing the door tightly as possible.

It must be something of a blow for ex-film maker and food connoisseur Michael Winner to see all the books he’s written can each be bought for 1p on Amazon. I’m sure with his chutzpah he would turn it to his advantage by saying …at that price the books would be available to more people than I’d hoped for…

Many years ago I met a young lady who I really wanted to impress…so I said to her one evening “I’d go through anything with you”…she replied…”good lets start with your bank account”…halcyon days.

One of, if not the best prison escape films ever made and noted as such by many critics is A Man Escaped, made in France 1956, by a leading French film maker Robert Bresson. Telling the true story of a French Resistance fighter imprisoned and sentenced to Death by the Nazis during the second world war. His meticulous plans for escape is spellbinding and in complete contrast with Hollywood heroics on similar theme.

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